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Be inspired by the gamut of community college courses, from the arts to technical training. This section will cover everything from remedial classes to continuing education. Community colleges offer courses for youth and teens, individuals looking for a new hobby or skill, or those behind bars looking for a second chance.
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Calling All Entrepreneurs!  How Community Colleges Can Help You Start Your Business
Learn about the courses and resources available at your community college that can help you start the business of your dreams.
Despite a dwindling economy, many business experts believe there is still room for entrepreneurs. In fact, individuals with striking ideas that are budget friendly may be in for luck at their local community college! 
If you have an idea for your own business and want to find out the secrets to entrepreneurship success, sign up at your local community college. With courses that specialize in an array of diverse fields, community colleges can help up and coming entrepreneurs refine their business concepts, set up their financial goals, and gain insight into the legal requirements of operating a company. 
The Benefits between Community Colleges and Business
As the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) supports, community colleges have the opportunity to play an integral role in the economic wellness of a surrounding community. NACCE is aiming to boost the community college’s traditional role of workforce training into new and innovative forms of entrepreneurial development. 
As NACCE explains, with a college’s ties to its community, along with a nationwide link to fellow colleges across the country, entrepreneurial opportunities result in “Innovative ideas and programs that advance economic growth and prosperity in the communities served by the colleges.” By supporting entrepreneurs, community colleges can help stimulate job growth, economic development, and tax revenues for the local area.  
Community College Entrepreneur Programs  
While NACCE hosts a variety of workshops and courses to foster greater entrepreneurial education, individual community colleges are also working to create their own programs. As the Andover Townsman reports, Northern Essex Community College, located in
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How Community Colleges are Inspiring Young Girls to Soar to Success
Learn about how community colleges are introducing programs that inspire young girls to achieve more academically, socially, and emotionally.
Understanding the learning difference between genders, community colleges are taking an active role in encouraging the full mental and emotional development of young women. Many community colleges are creating new programs solely dedicated to providing young female students with leadership and role model opportunities.

Striving to boost young girls’ feelings of self-worth, confidence, and determination, community college programs for young females are available at local campuses across the country. 

Community College Youth Outreach Programs

Many community colleges have created youth programs that are co-ed. For example, Corning Community College, located in Corning, New York, provides younger kids of any gender with an opportunity to celebrate their heritage with a local “Cook Kids” campus group. With this group, children can engage in various events, such as the “Cook Kids Young Spirit Dancers” venue, wherein participating children will wear an authentic Native American outfit from their family’s ancestry or tribal affiliation. Members of this particular youth group range in age from 3 to 24, and therefore, individuals of various backgrounds and maturity levels can interact and learn from one another. With events such as this, children can learn more about their history, grow in their own personal identity, and boost their confidence and social relationships. 
While these co-ed programs are certainly effective and positive, many campus leaders have realized that boys and girls may occasionally need separate opportunities to encounter success. Specifically, to provide girls with unique and individualized opportunities, an array of campuses have set up workshops, classes, and social groups to teach young females about the importance
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Sail Your Way Through Community College
Consider a career on the high seas and learn from sailing and seamanship programs available at your local community college.
With versatile curriculum that adapts to changing economic forces, community colleges offer engaging and interesting academic pathways. If the sea has always called to you, consider pursuing a degree in sailing and seamanship. Students interested in learning to sail and operate a boat for entertainment, or students interested in professionally pursuing sailing as a career pathway, can take advantage of an array of opportunities at community colleges across the country.
Sailing Towards a Degree in Orange Coast Community College
Students attending Orange Coast Community College (OCC) in Newport Beach, California, can dive into the adventures of the open sea in the unique School of Sailing and Seamanship program.  At OCC, students can pursue courses in sailing for entertainment and fun, or to become prepared for career pathways and jobs.  With classes ranging from youth sailing to adult certification, OCC tries to meet the needs and interests of a diverse student audience.  Elective courses in sailing include classes such as: Basic Cruising, Yacht Keeping and Maintenance, Introduction to Sailing, Introduction to Keel Boats, and many others. 
For individuals interested in a professional sailing pathway, OCC offers a variety of degree and certification programs.  Specifically, OCC students can enroll in the Professional Mariner Program, US Sailing Certification Program, US Coast Guard Captain’s Licensing Program, alongside many other professional options. 
Students enrolled in the Professional Mariner Program will engage in courses such as Boat Handling Basic Skills, Marine Safety Training, Navigation for Deckhands, and additional elective and required foreign language, sailing,
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Community College Summer Camps for Kids
Community college is not just for young adults; learn how your kids can take advantage of learning opportunities offered at your local community college campus.
Providing students with fun and beneficial group and personal experiences, summer camps can be a great opportunity for kids to interact with others while learning more about themselves and their world. As the American Camp Association supports, “camp provides children with a community of caring adults, who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for human value,” while the kids and campers can benefit from experiences that foster “self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and self-respect.” 
While there is a variety of camps and summer venues across the country, parents can take advantage of local and affordable summer camps offered at nearby community colleges. While some high school students already enjoy dual enrollment in public school and community colleges, now even elementary-aged students can learn on these campuses. 
The Benefits of Summer Camps
As the American Camp Association (ACA) further reveals, both parents and children can benefit from camping venues, as “parents have reported that when their children return home from camp they are more caring, understand the importance of giving, are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible. These are the qualities that will help build a successful nation and a civil society.” 
Added to this, ACA also asserts that children are able to thrive, and are at less of a risk, when they are engaged in a “camp where they have a sense of community, develop intergenerational relationships, and learn through first-hand experiences. Trained, caring adult role models help children
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Foreign Language Courses & Careers
Learn about the foreign language courses and career opportunities offered by community colleges.
As a rising number of careers now prefer, and often require, the ability to speak multiple languages, more community colleges are integrating career-based language programs for students. These programs are designed to teach students the necessary skills and abilities to communicate and compete in the global workforce after graduation. 
Community Colleges: Foreign Language Programs and Career Preparation
The Focus of Foreign Language Studies
Foreign language studies incorporate a variety of elements, skills, and disciplines of various modes of communication. As Yakima Valley Community College, located in Washington, supports, “all courses emphasize oral language acquisition. The primary goals are to have students speak and understand the spoken language.” 
Most community colleges, such as Yakima, additionally include courses in conversational practices, as well as a diverse mix of academic classes with various focus topics. In addition to teaching students the language, Yakima also teaches students about a language’s cultural history and social background. As students embark on the cultural studies of their language, opportunities for internships, studying abroad, and other interactive programs are highly rated and recommended.  
Located in Durham, North Carolina, Durham Technical Community College is another institution providing students with extensive foreign language courses to provide support for potential careers. Durham offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Most notably, Durham’s language courses, specifically in the study of Spanish, directly address the most prevalent career and job trends. For example, students can enroll in courses such as “Beginning Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I, or II.”  Paired with
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Courses in College

Remedial Education

60% of community college students need remedial courses. This section covers the classes and new developments to help students who need remedial coursework. Learn why the gap exists, how schools are combatting it and what you can do to avoid remedial classes. Get tips on mastering college math, learn what you can do to prevent repeating a class and hear what the experts have to say about remedial class placement.

Kids and Teens

Community college is not just for adults. Learn about all the programs available to children and teens too. From aiding high school dropouts to ramped up summer school programs, community colleges work hard to encourage the pursuit of higher education to students of all ages.

Online Courses

Online classes give you the flexibility to learn off-campus, often at times most convenient for your schedule. Identify 10 degrees you can earn online, weigh the pros and cons of online education and find out how you can take online classes for free.

Class Schedules

Setting your class schedule with community colleges gives you flexibility and many options.

Support for Businesses

Local business are taking advantage of special training programs at community colleges. From OSHA training to a collaboration with Goldman Sachs, community colleges are training employees for small and large businesses across the country.

Fun & Elective Classes

Community colleges offer a gamut of fun and interesting classes, and we give ideas that may strike inspiration for your elective choices. Learn homesteading skills, study paranormal investigating, or earn a scuba diving certificate all at a community college near you. This sections identifies some of the fun non-credit courses available at your local campus.

Continuing Education

Community colleges are filled with continuing education opportunities. Whether you are looking for a resume booster, new skills to earn a promotion or want to earn your degree while incarcerated, community college may be a good choice for you.