Community College: Creative Arts Programs

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Community College: Creative Arts Programs
Express yourself! We paint a picture of the more creative community college degrees for those with a natural artistic flair.
Do you have a creative spirit just waiting to be unleashed on the world? Then put your talents to lucrative use with a degree from your local community college. With a plethora of artistic degree programs waiting for you, get ready to explore the many avenues you can pursue with your ability. These 10 community college degree programs represent just a smattering of the many possibilities waiting for students who want to let their artistic side shine.

Document your world in photos with a photography degree from the community college of your choice. Many schools across the country offer degrees in photography that include coursework in studio photography, black and white photos and digital color techniques. Many will also include classes in photography history and theory to round out your studies. This degree can launch a career in your own studio or working on staff as a photographer with a larger company.
Jewelry and Crafts
Create beautiful accessories to match any style and mood with a degree program in jewelry and crafts. El Camino Community College in California is just one of the schools that offer a degree program in jewelry making and design. This program teaches students to work with gems and precious metals to express their own artistic style. Coursework might include stone cutting and polishing, metal finishing, enameling and gemology. Students may also delve into basic design concepts and guidelines for establishing your own personal style.
Theatre Arts
William Shakespeare once said that “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” If this is your take on life, a degree program in theatre arts may be the perfect way to launch your successful career in the world of performing arts. Many schools offer degree programs that combine theory with practical application that allows you to hone your skills. Look for community colleges that offer regular productions in addition to the coursework, or a school that has an active community theatre nearby.
This video describes the theatre arts technician program at Mt. Hood College.
Whether your tastes run to classical, jazz or musical theatre, community colleges offer music degree programs to accommodate any musical style. Many schools even include ensembles and bands that perform regularly throughout the area. For example, Sinclair Community College boasts the Blair Hall Theatre for regular music performances and concerts, as well as a music technology laboratory, piano laboratory and rehearsal rooms and studios, and classrooms for music students to get the most out of their studies. Still, other schools offer classes on the business side of music, such as artist management degrees.
Graphic Design
There is a wide open spectrum of possibilities with a graphic design degree from your local community college. According to Front Range Community College, this degree program can help students launch a degree in animation, video, Web media or print. The program includes coursework in software, typography, and images, to give students a complete picture of the graphic design process. Both certification and degree programs are available, offering students the option to begin working right after community college or transferring to a four-year program nearby.
This video describes the graphic design program at Brookdale Community College.
Digital Arts
Digital arts are another broad degree umbrella that encompasses many different career choices below.  Mesa Community College lists many of the career paths their digital arts students might take, including design of websites, print materials or animation. Some digital arts graduates might also work with photographers to touch up photos or design interactive displays for galleries and museums. A degree in digital arts allows students to put their artistic skills into a marketable craft that is in high demand in many industries today.
Culinary Arts
If the kitchen is the place where you like to create your masterpieces, a degree in culinary arts might be the perfect solution. Degree programs like the one found at Edmonds Community College allow students to hone their cooking and baking skills in preparation for working in some of the top restaurants and catering companies in the world. The department runs numerous food service establishments on campus for students to put their skills into action.
Fiber Crafts
This specialized degree through Haywood Community College enables students to prepare for a career in the textile industry. The specific focus in this program is on hand weaving, but other programs might include an understanding of various types of fibers and textiles and using them in a wide range of crafts and products. Some of the classes that might be explored in this type of program include identifying different textiles, dyeing and weaving techniques, color and patterns and history.
This video describes the fiber crafts program at Haywood Community College.
Creative Writing
If you have aspirations of writing the next great American novel, this is the degree program for you.  Writing degree programs, offered at numerous schools nationwide, open the door to both print and electronic publishing options. Graduates may opt to write novels, plays or music lyrics. The degree may also encompass other types of writing, including compositional and journalistic writing styles. Literature will most likely also be covered in depth.
Video Game Creation
Combine your creative spirit with a passion for technology in a video game design degree. This program prepares students for work as a technical artist, gaming creator or game tester. Courses included in a video game design degree might include animation, game development, and Java programming. Those who graduate may get an entry-level position in the industry or transfer to a four-year program.
Creativity abounds at community colleges from coast to coast. With so many artistic degrees to choose from, everyone can find the career of their dreams at their local community college.
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