10 Fun Non-Credit Courses Offered by Community Colleges

10 Fun Non-Credit Courses Offered by Community Colleges
Are you looking to learn and have fun at the same time? Be inspired by 10 interesting non-credit courses offered by community colleges that adults can take for personal enrichment and fun.

Community colleges have become the go-to place for professional training of all kinds, but the benefits of these local schools extend far beyond the professional realm. Many adults head to community college to hone a craft, discover a hobby, or learn something new. Whether your interests lie in writing, gardening, or arts and crafts, a class at community college may be the perfect way to take your interest to the next level. Even if you want to delve into a subject you have never explored, a community college course may open the door to a new field of interest. Check out these non-credit courses community colleges offer to help adults in the community find new interests, hobbies, and activities.

Grow Native Plants

Carroll Community College in Maryland offers a non-credit course that teaches students to grow native plants in the area right in their own backyards. According to the Eldersburg Patch, the class is taught by a licensed landscape professional. It includes the benefits of growing native plants, identifying species, and properly caring for native vegetation. The course also teaches students how to incorporate native plants into their backyard landscape for an eye-pleasing look both homeowners and neighbors will love. Finally, students will learn how to select plants attracting natural wildlife to their property.

This video explains what's involved with cultivating native plants.

Whip Up a New Dish

Cooking classes abound at community college, whether you are an aspiring chef or a parent wanting to experiment with new dishes for the family. Mercer Community College in New Jersey offers culinary courses, including crock pot cooking, soup recipes, and 30-minute meals. In addition, this school offers students the chance to experiment with specialty cooking, such as sushi preparation, bread basics, and pasta creations. Mercer Community College even gets in on holiday with classes in cake decorating, cookie baking, and preparing the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

Take Better Photos

Want to learn to take photos that are the envy of all your friends? If so, Pima Community College in Arizona has the perfect classes. Choose from digital photography courses, photographing people, or photographing nature. Once the pictures are snapped, Photoshop courses help you edit pictures easily, and scrapbooking courses help you display your photos with flair.

Learn How to Shed Pounds

Most Americans today are on a quest to shed excess pounds, and now you can learn how to reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively with the weight loss class offered by Pima Community College. This course teaches students the role food plays in weight loss, including portion sizes, preparation, and meal timing. Students will also get an overview of the role of exercise in weight loss and learn how to develop a workout program that gets results.

Trace Your Roots

Tracing a family tree has become a popular pastime today, with many electronic sources to make the task a little easier. However, the research process can still be complex, so Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts offers a non-credit course called Genealogy Basics. Students will trace their ancestries in this class using subscription-based websites and other resources. Students are taught to develop a strategy for research and ways to verify sources.

This video offers a look at studying genealogy.

Create Your Own Masterpiece

Salem Community College in New Jersey offers various non-credit arts and crafts classes, from beaded ornaments to blown glass. This school provides students of all ages with various glass courses, including blown glass, glass beading, and hand casting. The materials are provided for most classes, ranging from courses for beginners to those already experienced with some of the glass-blowing and firing techniques used in the Salem classrooms.

Design Your Own Jewelry

In addition to glass crafts, Salem Community College offers a wide range of jewelry courses that allow students to create unique trinkets for themselves or as gifts. Some offerings include borosilicate pendants, Egyptian coil wire bracelets, and seed bead weaving. The classes may include materials designed for students of all ages and abilities.

Develop Appreciation for Wine

Learn the finer points of wine at Carroll Community College. According to the Eldersburg Patch, wine appreciation courses teach students how to taste and appreciate wine while learning about the various grapes and regions that go into making this exotic beverage. Students will get an overview of the various types of wine available so that they can develop their own tastes and preferences. Students must be over the age of 21 to attend.

Discover a New Adventure

Ever wonder what it would be like to go rock climbing or kayaking? At Mercer Community College, students can learn firsthand about these adventure sports classes. Rock climbing is taught at an indoor climbing center, where students learn the basics of proper climbing techniques, rappelling, lead climbing, and belay. Kayaking courses take place at the lake in Mercer County Park.

Start a New Business

Community colleges that offer the basics of new business start-ups can play a significant role in helping the dreams of an aspiring entrepreneur come to life. Courses offered at Holyoke Community College include Creating a Successful Business Plan, Marketing your Business, and Real Estate Investing.

Community colleges offer a wealth of opportunity today, whether you are pursuing a degree or harboring the desire to learn something new. With plenty of options, a new interest or hobby may be as close as your local community college.

Here are five non-credit courses that may be fun for senior citizens to take:

  1. Creative Writing: This course can help seniors unleash their creativity and explore their imagination. They can learn how to write stories, poetry, and memoirs.

  2. Photography: Photography can be a great way for seniors to capture and document their life experiences. They can learn how to use their cameras, edit their photos, and even create photo albums.

  3. Cooking: Cooking classes can be a fun way for seniors to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. They can explore different cuisines, learn about healthy eating, and share their culinary creations with others.

  4. Painting or Drawing: Art classes can be a great way for seniors to express themselves and tap into their creativity. They can learn how to use different art materials and techniques, and create their own artwork.

  5. Exercise: Exercise classes can be a great way for seniors to stay active and maintain their physical health. They can take classes in yoga, tai chi, dance, or even chair exercises that are designed for seniors.

These courses can help seniors stay engaged, active, and mentally stimulated while also providing opportunities for social interaction and personal growth.

Source: ChatGPT

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