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See a Bright Future with Solar Training at Your Local Community College
Due to the tremendously growing demand in the field, new solar technology labs and training programs are opening at schools across the country.
Solar energy is a growing technology that may be one of the best options to oil in the future. To answer the call within the solar industry, more community colleges are coming onboard to train a new workforce of solar energy technicians. From a new solar energy lab in Maine to programs in solar thermal systems across the country, those who are interested in this exciting, growing field can get the training they need to launch a rewarding career in the solar energy industry.

Solar Technology Lab Opens in Maine

Kennebec Valley Community College has plenty to celebrate this year. The school is opening a new Solar Heating and Cooling Lab in the Muriel P. Frye building on the Fairfield campus, according to a report in the Morning Sentinel. The college was chosen by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009 as one of nine regional resource and training locations nationwide. The Department of Energy partnered with the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education to launch the Solar Instructor Training Network at community colleges across the country.

The Solar Instructor Training Network is designed to prepare trainers for solar technology programs across the country. The trainers that complete the program will then go to various colleges to prepare students for careers in the solar heating and cooling industry. According to a report at WABI TV5, the lab at Kennebec has been in development for more than a year and serves as an example of how solar energy can be
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Get Your Feet Wet with a WaterBotics Camp at Your Local Community College
This summer, community colleges across the country have been participating in an innovative program known as “Waterbotics,” developed at the Stevens Institute of Technology by the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education.
In an effort to turn more kids onto STEM learning, the Stevens Institute of Technology has brought a new summer program to community colleges across the country. WaterBotics allows middle and high school students to get their feet wet in the area of underwater technology, while attracting demographics that might not otherwise consider an engineering career after graduation. This program has been gaining steam over the past few years, and this summer, a number of community colleges have hosted WaterBotics programs for students in their areas.

 What is STEM?
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics – the key components some believe that hold the key to this country’s future in the global marketplace. The Obama Administration has put out the challenge for schools across the country to bring more students into STEM studies in order to better prepare the future workforce for the challenges that lie ahead.
Dr. George Korfiatis, Stevens Provost and University Vice President, said in a press release on, “We are living in an age when knowing how to create new knowledge and what to do with it can create a healthier, safer and more prosperous planet. Scientists, engineers and technologists are providing the fuel to power the enterprises of this and future generations.”
What is WaterBotics?
According to information on the Sinclair Community College website, WaterBotics is a program designed to educate students in science concepts and programming, while broadening their interest in a variety of engineering and technology careers. The
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Explore Your Options with an Associate Degree In Industrial Tech
Industrial tech is becoming modernized at community colleges around the country as schools strive to offer the most updated training for technical workers in a variety of industries.
Technical fields have long been regarded as low-paying industries that did not offer many career choices. However, as technology and machinery have advanced, fields like plumbing, welding and manufacturing have required highly skilled laborers and paid much higher salaries than ever before. To keep up with the demand for workers in these areas, and to change the perception of the fields overall, community colleges are striving to produce industrial tech programs that answer the needs of today’s workforce and train up a new generation of skilled workers prepared to advance this country’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Trades in Focus

One initiative designed to advance industrial tech careers is Trades in Focus. This program was created through a partnership between the Association of Community Colleges and W.W. Grainger, Inc., the leading North American supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products. Trades in Focus provides an online toolkit to educate the general public about the importance of industrial tech careers and the potential opportunities these skilled trades offer. The program is also geared to alert those interested in industrial tech careers to schools and colleges across the country that are committed to training up workers in those specific fields, with innovative programs designed to teach the latest technology and processes in their industry.

Dr. Gary M. Green, president of Forsyth Technical Community College and member of the advisory board for Trades in Focus, said in a press release on PR
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Health Degrees: A Popular Choice At Community College
Many community college students are reaping the rewards of a healthcare career, which explains the popularity of health degrees. Learn about what a new report reveals about healthcare degrees and how it translates to the future of your career.
Community colleges have become a popular place for students of all ages to get the training they need to move into a rewarding and lucrative career. Despite concerns over budget cuts and diminishing completion rates, a new report by Community College Week shows that many schools nationwide are continuing to churn out large numbers of graduates. One secret to higher completion rates appears to be the inclusion of the variety of health care degree programs in a school’s course catalog. Although other industries are floundering in the current sluggish economy, health care continues to be a strong option for those looking for a recession-proof career.

What the Numbers Show

The current report by Community College Week shows that over the past decade, the number of associate degrees offered by community colleges in the health care field grew by an astonishing 111 percent. Certificates offered by community colleges in the health care industry grew by 240 percent during the same time frame. By the end of the 2009-2010 school year, community colleges across the country awarded more than 177,000 health care degrees alone.

The study conducted by Community College Week used data collected by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Set (IPEDS). According to the Community College Week website, while the information was complete for each college listed, all of the eligible colleges are not included on the current list. However, most of the schools not listed were relatively small institutions
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President Obama Expands Skills for America's Future Program
In a bid to boost America’s global competitiveness, President Obama has increased the scope of the “Skills for America’s Future” initiative. Learn about how this impacts community colleges and the future earning potential for its students.
The Skills for America's Future program was introduced by the current administration as a way to match up community college training with fields in need of qualified workers. The idea behind the initiative was to make community college graduates more competitive and marketable in the real world after school, as well as to provide industries with highly qualified workers. This month, President Obama has announced that Skills for America's Future will expand further, ensuring more community college students get the training they need to find successful, lucrative jobs once their college training is complete.

What is the Skills for America's Future Program?

Last year, President Obama launched an ambitious initiative along with the Aspen Institute, designed to bring companies together with community colleges to produce future workers that would be highly qualified and able to compete in a global market. The movement was dubbed Skills for America's Future, and it began with partnerships between industries and academia that would coordinate the training and build the skills of a qualified workforce in the United States. The initiative, according to the Aspen Institute website, would serve as a broad umbrella under which labor unions, corporations and community colleges could coordinate their efforts to train up a new generation of American workers.

From its inception, Skills for America's Future began signing on a number of key players to help the initiative achieve its goals. Some of the leaders that have worked with the Skills for America's Future program since the beginning include Penny Pritzker, CEO
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