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Begin your career in public service at community college. Receive cutting-edge firefighting training, lean more about air force programs and learn how community colleges are training our armed forces. Regardless of the badge you carry, a honorable public service career can be jump started at community college.
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Careers: Firefighting Training
Today's community colleges are playing a critical role in firefighting training, even for those who have not yet been hired by their local fire department.
Firefighting has traditionally been a career that trains applicants on the job, once they pass basic physical and mental testing. However, as the career field becomes more competitive, more and more fire departments are looking for applicants with some sort of post-secondary training – even an associate's degree in fire science. Community colleges are quickly rising to answer the call, providing state-of-the-art training facilities to prepare new firefighters for the rigors and diversity of the job.

About the Firefighting Profession

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job of a firefighter involves hazardous conditions and long, irregular hours. Despite the demands of the job, this industry is expected to see keen competition for available jobs, since many qualified applicants are interested in becoming firefighters. In addition to rigorous training which applicants must undergo, physical and medical exams must also be passed to ensure applicants are healthy enough for the job. Ongoing training is a must in this industry, as new fire fighting and first aid techniques are developed all the time.

Because many senior firefighters are nearing retirement age, younger workers are being asked to take on leadership roles within many departments. To prepare these new firefighters for their positions, departments are teaming up with some community colleges across the country to provide the highest quality of training possible. We have examples of just a few of these programs going on around the nation.
Mesa Offers Virtual Emergency Training
An article in the East Valley Tribune reports on renovations
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Careers: Armed Forces Boot Camp
Boot camp may just be found at a community college near you. Learn about community college campuses that are taking an active part in training our country’s armed forces.
For many high school graduates interested in the armed services, enlisting right after graduation is the obvious option. However, the decreasing numbers in our armed services today have left many of the divisions ill-equipped for the training regimen of new recruits coming into the programs.

Community colleges across the country have stepped up to shoulder some of the additional load, offering courses specifically geared to military personnel in all branches of the armed services.
It is not unusual for community colleges to answer the occupational calls of our country today. Many colleges are now providing training in the industries that need more employees, filling the needs of companies while giving individuals opportunities to step into recession-proof careers. However, the idea of providing military training is catching on, as community colleges offer the specialized training new recruits need to handle the responsibilities of the armed services today.
This video explains how you can do your military training and go to college.
Training in San Diego
San Diego City College is at the forefront of military training in an academic setting. According to a report at Sign on San Diego, this college received a very humble start in training military personnel in the 1970s, offering them math and English classes to supplement their military training. Today, the college offers a nationwide network that employs nearly 500 instructors, many of whom were former service members themselves.
Along with basic academic curriculum, students in this program participate in classes
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A Cop Badge Starts at Community College
If the field of criminal justice is calling you, then answer by starting your training at community college. Learn about career prospects in criminal justice and available community college programs to launch you into a rewarding job.
Criminal justice is a broad field that encompasses a number of in-demand jobs. Whether you want to become a uniformed police officer, investigator or another professional in criminal justice, the job begins with the right training to land an entry position. Many community colleges are now offering a variety of criminal justice programs to help individuals launch their careers in this exciting, rewarding field.
What is Criminal Justice?
According to World Wide Learn, criminal justice is a "social science that attempts to identify and explain the patterns of criminal behavior and to analyze society's ability to control crime and delinquency." Criminal justice encompasses many fields of study, including psychology, law, and public administration. A degree in criminal justice prepares graduates for a variety of careers in law enforcement and crime prevention.
As the world's population continues to increase, there will be a steadily increasing demand for individuals to work in criminal justice. The Criminal Justice USA states, "As Americans grow to become more security and safety conscious, the demand for law enforcement units and corrections units will increase, especially in areas of high population density." Communities will always need law enforcement officials, and larger populations will exhibit a greater demand in this area.
Whether you are a high school graduate in search of a career path or a seasoned professional looking for a recession-proof industry, criminal justice might be the right choice for you.
This video offers an overview of the law enforcement training program at Surry Community College.
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Careers: Programs At The Community College Of The Air Force
Learn more about the opportunities available through the Community College Air Force Program, and how the degrees may benefit your future service career.
For individuals seeking to pursue a career in the military or government service industry, there are incredibly noteworthy and rewarding programs available for students specifically focused on service in the United States Air Force. The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is dedicated to guiding students with engaging, rigorous, and advanced programs for various courses of study.
As Military Advantage describes, “The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a worldwide multi-campus community college established to meet the educational needs of Air Force enlisted personnel. CCAF is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges (SACSCC) as an occupational educational institution.” 
Also referred to as “Air University,” CCAF is a renowned school dedicated to providing students with a range of skills, experiences, and information for future careers and success. 
Community College of the Air Force Programs
Established in 1946, Air University has provided students with access to associates degrees and training in order to employ, command, and/or research tasks in the air, space, and cyberspace at various professional levels. Adding to this, as Air University explains, their curriculum includes training in management, technological development, and scientific understanding – giving students a very well rounded education for their future careers. 
This video explains why the Community College of the Air Force degree is important, not only to your military career but as well to your education in the civilian world. 
What is the Purpose of the Community College of the Air Force?
According to Air University,
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