Careers: Property Management

Careers: Property Management
Changes in the real estate horizon create growing opportunities for property management careers. Learn about how you can begin your property management career right at your local community college.

If you have a passion for real estate and enjoy working with people, a job in property management might be a good choice for you. This field is a growing one, as more people turn to professionally managed communities and properties to live and work.

A degree in property management opens the door to a host of possible career options, including onsite property management, buying and selling properties, and working as a leasing agent.

Many community colleges have recognized the potential this industry offers, and campuses are now providing property management programs to help you get the training you need quickly and economically to move into a lucrative, rewarding career.

Careers in Property Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree in property management can launch a number of lucrative career options, including:

  • Onsite Property Managers – These professionals handle the daily operations of a property, ensuring that repairs are completed in a timely fashion and maintenance keeps the property in top condition. These managers work closely with current tenants to enforce the terms of rental contracts and handle complaints. They may also deal with prospective tenants, showing vacant properties and getting leases signed.
  • Real Estate Asset Managers – These property managers usually handle the purchase, sale and development of properties on behalf of owners or investors. Instead of working through the daily operations of a property, these professionals usually involve themselves with the big picture, choosing properties that Houston Community College work well with an investor's long term strategies. Once properties are selected, these individuals negotiate the contract and work through the purchase process for the benefit of their clients.
  • Community Association Managers – Planned communities are becoming more popular today, with many communities boasting pools, golf courses and a host of other amenities. These communities often share services, such as trash pick-up, and provide maintenance of common areas. The managers of these communities may oversee a number of elements of the property, depending on the size and scope of the community.

This is just a smattering of the many opportunities available in the field of property management. The BLS also states that job growth in this industry will continue to grow throughout the current decade, although individuals with experience or a degree will see better opportunities for employment and advancement. That is where community college training comes in, and we have three examples of schools that are addressing the needs of this field.

Everett Community College

According to the Snohomish County Business Journal, the property management program offered by Everett Community College in Washington is helping many students move into a rewarding career. The school is partnering with professional organizations in the community to offer on-the-job training in addition to certification programs on campus. Many students are getting jobs through the internships that are a part of the program, allowing them to move directly from school into their chosen career.

This video gives an overview of Everett Community College.

Twila Epler, a student at Everett, told the SCBJ, "This program is a huge value to all of the students who get the opportunity to go through it and learn the industry, but it's a huge value to the industry. Many people who get into property management don't have all this training."

Houston Community College

In Texas, Houston Community College is also busy preparing students for a career in property management. This school offers a comprehensive program that combines textbook study, computer training, and hands-on experience. The program is designed both for new students looking to launch a career in property management, as well as experienced managers who simply want to hone their skills and get up to date on recent developments in their field. The program requires 144 hours to complete.

This video describes the property management program at Houston Community College.

North Seattle Community College

North Seattle Community College in Washington also offers certification in property management, with a program that covers the basics of real estate and the different types of property management. Students will explore real estate law, economics and managing a variety of properties, from commercial real estate to multi-family properties. The program requires 26.5 credits to complete and includes five required courses, two required options, and one elective course.

Property management is a rewarding field that involves a variety of duties every day and many career path options to explore. Job growth is expected to progress at an average clip, as more individuals opt for multi-family residences, community properties, and senior living choices.

If you enjoy working with people, have a nose for business and a flair for real estate, research the community colleges in your area to find out if a program in property management is right for you.

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Careers: Property Management
Careers: Property Management
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