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Careers: Casino Dealer

Careers: Casino Dealer
If you are looking for a stable career, then you are in luck. Learn about the demand for casino dealers and how you can start your training right at community college.
Casino jobs are expected to grow at an above average pace over the next few years, which could translate into relatively stable career options. Fortunately, some community colleges are rising to the challenge, creating new training programs designed with casino dealers in mind. The training individuals receive from community colleges helps them land lucrative careers in the gaming industry, where tips and base salaries can provide a comfortable living.

The Life of a Casino Dealer

According to career information on, casino dealers:
  • Explain and enforce the rules and wagering guidelines for games
  • Ask patrons to place their bets
  • Conduct the games
  • Make payoffs to the winners
  • Collect losing bets

This job involves plenty of diversity, since most casino dealers fluctuate between games like black jack, craps, roulette and baccarat during a single shift. The more games with which you are, the better your job hiring prospects are likely to be.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that casino dealers are responsible for monitoring the games for potential infractions. Dealers must have above-average customer service skills and a head for numbers. Math tests are often given to individuals applying for jobs as casino dealers to ensure they can handle this aspect of the job efficiently and accurately. Dealers must also receive licensure in the state they will be working, which usually requires proof of identity and residency.

What is the Job Outlook?
The BLS estimates that jobs for casino dealers and other casino-related occupations will grow at a faster than average
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