10 Online Degrees to Consider at Your Local Community College

10 Online Degrees to Consider at Your Local Community College
Consider some of the most popular online options at community colleges today that allow students to earn two-year degrees right from the comfort of home.

Looking for a new career but don’t have the time for re-training? Think again. Community colleges across the country offer fully online degree and certification programs that allow you to hone your skills or train for a whole new profession right from home. These online programs are flexible without sacrificing quality training you need to move ahead in the professional world. Whether your interests lean toward education, law enforcement, business or manufacturing, check out these online degree programs that could launch you on a whole new career path.

Forensic Studies

Hudson Valley Community College offers an online degree program in forensic studies for those who want to learn the finer points of this area of criminal justice. The program is available fully online and is designed specifically for students interested in transferring to a four-year program after earning an associate degree. The school has arranged for a seamless transfer process with John Jay College of Criminal Justice, one of the top institutions for forensic science training in the country. Coursework will include interesting subjects like biology, criminal investigation, and forensic evidence.

Teaching Assistant

Another online option at Hudson Valley is training toward certification as a teaching assistant in New York. The 18-hour course is available fully online, in the classroom, or as a hybrid program combining both online and classroom learning. The program is focused on training educators to manage a diverse body of students in the classroom, with the option to transfer credits to a two or four-year degree program in the future. Those that complete the program will be eligible for certification as a teaching assistant in the state of New York.

Water Environmental Technology

This unique online program offered by Kirkwood Community College in Iowa prepares students for work in the water or wastewater fields, at a municipal water or wastewater treatment plant. Coursework will include studies in math, science, and social sciences, as well as specialized technical courses in water management. Credits earned through this program can be transferred to the University of Northern Iowa for students interested in continuing their education. The program will also prepare students for the certification examinations required to work in water management in the state of Iowa.

Business Administration

Another popular online program available at Kirkwood is the business administration degree. This program allows students to prepare for a business career at home, with courses that allow students to specialize in accounting, banking or management. Students will build a strong foundation in business coursework, as well as general studies. The degree may launch students on a rewarding career in the business field or allow them to transfer to a four-year program to continue their education.

Computer Programmer

The Michigan Community College Association brings a number of schools in the state together to offer a broad selection of online degree programs. One of these options, offered through Lansing Community College, is the computer programmer/analyst associate degree. This program features a wealth of coursework in systems analysis and programming to prepare students for a career in the tech industry. The program involves a total of 62 credits to complete, and not all of these credits may transfer to a four-year institution.

Veterinary Technician

Another degree choice from the Michigan Community College Association is a veterinary technician degree offered by Macomb Community College.This degree program prepares students for all aspects of veterinary medicine, including working with animals, laboratory testing, diagnostic procedures and surgical assisting.

Criminal Justice

Students interested in a career in law enforcement can also consider an online criminal justice degree through Colorado Community Colleges. This school offers their criminal justice coursework through their online school of Behavioral Sciences. Courses include subjects like law enforcement operations, correctional process, and constitutional law. The classes may transfer to one of the state’s four-year institutions as well.


Another option through Colorado Community Colleges is the two-year accounting degree that prepares students for jobs in the fields of business and finance. This program prepares students to earn accounting certification or transfer to one of the four-year institutions in Colorado for additional education. Courses in all types of accounting and income tax will be included in the program.

Library Technical Assistant

This online degree program through Ivy Technical Community College in Indiana prepares students to launch a rewarding career in the library field. The two-year degree allows students to gain an entry-level position as a support staff member in a library or continue their education with transfer to a four-year institution. Training includes ordering, processing and cataloging of the various types of reference materials found in a library. Also included are basic reference, circulation and computer systems as they apply to library operations.

Manufacturing Production and Operations

This degree program, dubbed MPRO by the offering institution, Ivy Tech, is a completely online program that prepares students for work in the manufacturing industries. Coursework includes training in the professional skills needed at manufacturing firms today, including gauging, operations techniques, and inspections. The college helps graduates launch careers as machine operators, assemblers, and machine setters. Both certification and an associate degree are available through this program.

There are many wonderful career options to explore through community colleges today, and now, much of that exploration can take place right on your own personal computer. With plenty of online degree options, you can find a rewarding career in the industry of your choice without ever leaving home to attend classes.

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