10 Top-Rated Careers You Can Do from Home with a Community College Degree

10 Top-Rated Careers You Can Do from Home with a Community College Degree
Would you like to work from home? We researched 10 of the best work-from-home jobs you can enjoy with a two-year degree under your belt.

Many people dream of working from home today, enjoying flexible hours without long, stressful commutes to and from the office. The good news is that the world of telecommuting has evolved considerably from its early years of stuffing envelopes and making sales calls. Today’s professional has a wealth of options in work-from-home positions, and many can be obtained with a two-year degree from the local community college. Check out these top 10 careers you can enjoy from the comfort of home with a community college degree under your belt.

Medical Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists take dictated notes from doctors and transcribe them into patient files. While there is a high demand for this type of work, employers are usually looking for applicants with some training – like a community college degree – that allows them to jump into the position. According to Bankrate.com, a medical transcriptionist can earn anywhere from $10 to $20 or more an hour.

Web Designer

An associate degree in web design can launch an exciting technology career that can be done from home in many cases. This field is a wide open one that typically offers more work-from-home job openings than any other industry, according to Yahoo Finance. Those interested in the field can find potential jobs at any number of websites that advertise telecommuting positions. Salaries for web designers can vary considerably, based on location and level of experience.

Registered Nurse

Health care is a popular field for community college graduates, with many types of positions available. Registered nurses typically work in hospitals or clinics, but Forbes reports that there are some work-at-home jobs available for these professionals as well. Nurses who work from home field phone calls from patients, offering medical advice and performing triage functions. This position can pay more than $1,000 per week.


Although positions at print publications have been dwindling, the online writing market is going strong. Many writers work from home, determining their own hours as they find their niche writing markets. Demand is also high for editors and proofreaders. Although many positions in this field require a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism, some companies will hire students and community college graduates with an associate degree in a related field.

Tax Preparers

Seasonal work that can be quite lucrative if you can get it, job openings are there for community college graduates with degrees in finance and accounting. Home-based tax preparers are typically hired by companies that specialize in tax preparation to help handle the overload of clients between January and April. Forbes estimates that work-at-home tax prep professionals can make more than $1,000 per week during peak times.

Tech Support Specialist

These technology professionals are often the first point of contact for customers who are having difficulty with their laptops and other tech devices. The job involves actively listening to customer issues and finding a solution that satisfies the customer. While service plays an important role in this position, technical knowledge – like that gained with an associate degree – is also an essential component. According to Kiplinger, pay for this position ranges from $17 to $29 per hour.

Travel Agent

The hospitality industry is an attractive one for professionals, especially when positions can be done right from home. A two-year degree in hospitality and travel can pave the way for a job as a home-based travel agent. This professional plans vacations for clients and works with destinations to offer attractive packages for travelers. According to Yahoo Financial, some travel agents can build a business that earns $100,000 or more annually.


An associate degree in accounting from the local community college can open the door to an exciting home-based business in the financial industry. Accountants keep the books for individuals and small businesses, and may even handle accounts payable and receivable for these clients. Tax preparation is another important component of an accountant’s job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for accountants in 2010 was $61,690.

Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is a relatively open one that may encompass a number of duties each day. Many companies are now hiring home-based assistants to help with overflow administrative work when they cannot justify bringing another full-time employee into the office. While this position does not necessarily require any sort of degree, an associate degree in business administration could give applicants the necessary edge to land a dream job.

Private Investigator

Put your powers of deduction to work for you with a job as a private investigator that you can do from home. This position involves plenty of computer research today, as well as footwork when the situation warrants. The position of a private investigator begins with an associate degree in criminal justice from your local community college. The average annual income for a private investigator was $46,480 in 2008.

Working from home has become a popular way to earn a living today, as the ability to connect with the world has allowed professionals to perform more jobs from the comfort of the home office than ever before. Numerous employers have joined in the trend, discovering the lucrative benefits of a staff that supplies their own office and supplies for the job. With a two-year degree in one of these fields, you can launch a successful career with nary a commute and the most comfortable office surroundings you can imagine.

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