Want to Lose Weight? How Your Community College Can Help

Want to Lose Weight? How Your Community College Can Help
If you are looking to shed extra weight, your best source of support may be your community college. Learn about dieting programs, support groups, and even classes to help you get healthy.

The "freshman 15" and "sophomore 10" are phenomenon that seems to plague community college students on every campus. Gaining weight often arrives hand-in-hand with the start of the school year, especially during the first years of college.

To combat issues related to obesity, excess weight, and poor lifestyle habits, community colleges across the country are providing students with weight loss support. Through these programs, perhaps the freshman 15 may become a phenomenon of the yesteryears!

Free Community College Weight Loss Programs

To help students enjoy weight loss success, community colleges have implemented unique and diverse programs to cater to individual dieting needs. For example, as Chron News reveals, Alvin Community College (ACC), located in Texas, now provides students with an innovative online weight loss class. Titled "Lose Weight and Keep it Off," the ACC course has been designed in cooperation with the world's largest resource and provider of online classes for adult students, ed2go. Through the expert guidance of Donna Acosta, ACC's registered dietician and nutrition instructor, all participants will learn about weight loss strategies, including:

  • Sensible eating
  • Simple habits of weight loss
  • How to maintain weight loss results and keep the pounds off

Clark State Community College (CSCC), with campuses in Springfield and Beavercreek Ohio, has created an event to stimulate even more weight loss motivation. To help students pursue the path to better health, CSCC leaders encourage students to participate in weight loss contests sponsored and conducted by the college's Health Clinic. With the guidance of Health Clinic leaders, CSCC hosts a quarterly weight loss contest, wherein both students and staff can engage in the competition to win an array of rewards, accolades, and prizes.

To join the contest, staff and student members simply pay an entry fee of $6. Upon paying the fee, the leaders divide each individual's entry fee to donate $1 to a scholarship fund, $1 towards the contestant who loses the most weight, and $4 towards a divided reward for all participants who lose at least eight pounds during the competition. The contest lasts for eight weeks, meaning students and staff members who lose at least one pound each week can enjoy a cash reward!

Through these types of collaborative programs, dieters can enjoy greater probability of weight loss. Studies show that dieters who attempt to lose weight with the support of friends or peers can achieve greater and more consistent results than individuals who are dieting alone.

Become a Diet, Fitness, and Wellness Guru with Classes

While many community colleges provide resources to help students lose weight, nearly all community colleges also offer specific nutrition, health, and fitness classes as well. Typically open for full time, part time, or continuing education students, many colleges allow individuals to participate in small credit (1-2 credits) or credit free classes.

For example, Scottsdale Community College, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, extends fitness opportunities to students of all adult ages, including classes such as Hoop Fitness, Body Sculpt, Yoga, Boot Camp, Tai Chi, and an array of other venues.

In addition, students can even pursue an array of careers in the field of health and weight loss. For example, at Lord Fairfax Community College, located in Warrenton, Virginia, students can take courses in Health Services, including classes such as Nutrition and Diet Therapy, wherein students work with expert instructors to learn about the functions, purposes, and treatments of various modes of diet therapy.

If you are interested in finding out more information about wellness opportunities available at your local college, contact a college's advisor. You can also review the curriculum guidebook to see if what cooking, dieting, exercise, or even therapeutic classes may be available.

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