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Community Colleges Leading the Pack in Digital Technology
Calling all tech-lovers! A new survey by Republic’s Center for Digital Education and Converge Online has ranked the community colleges that most effectively integrate digital technology into daily campus life.
As community colleges grapple with large student populations and fewer resources, technology has become one solution for meeting the needs of more students for less money. Schools that adeptly integrate technology into daily campus life can accommodate a wide range of student schedules, without adding more manpower to handle the job. The Center for Digital Education and Converge Online recently recognized some of the community colleges across the country that are making the best use of technology to enhance the education experience. These schools topped the list of the Digital Community Colleges Survey as some of the most technically savvy schools in the nation.

About the Survey

The recent survey by the Center for Digital Education and Converge Online took a number of factors into consideration as they were determining the top community colleges for technology usage, including:

  • Integration of technology into campus life and course curriculum
  • Documentation of online admissions processes
  • Sufficient technology training for both faculty members and students
  • Efficient use of Web 2.0 social functions
  • Ability to accommodate distance education
  • Ample online services for students, including tutoring and advising services
  • Ability to utilize campus security alerts through technology
With a number of factors considered, it becomes apparent that those community colleges that made the grade in this current survey find ways to integrate digital technology into every facet of daily campus life.
“As community college enrollments continue to increase, school leaders are incorporating new technologies to enhance student services and improve course curriculum,” Cathilea Robinett, executive vice president for the Center for Digital Education, stated
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Going Mobile: Apps Available at Community Colleges
Community college students: there's an app for that! Enjoy a sampling of the interesting mobile apps that are coming from community colleges.
Mobile apps are providing information on the go for a host of subjects today. Now, community colleges are getting in on the technology action, with their very own apps designed just for their students and faculty. Whether you are looking for information about extracurricular activities available on campus or where to go for financial aid assistance, these apps are ready to get you the information you need in a flash – no matter where you might be. Check out how some community colleges across the country are using the latest technology craze to make campus life easier for their student body.
Two Mobile Apps Available to Montgomery County Community College Students
Montgomery County Community College students now have their campus in the palms of their hands – quite literally – with two new mobile apps available. According to a report at the Upper Moreland-Willow Grove Patch, the school now features MOX, an application by Datatel’s Mobile Access that offers a wealth of information about the college. The app includes general information about both the Blue Bell and Pottstown campuses, including current campus events, contact information for school administrators, class schedules and locations, and even overdue library books. The app is linked into the campus portal, allowing users to sign in with their usual MC3 user name and password. Information from the portal that is also included on the app gives students access to important information from anywhere on campus. Currently, Montgomery County is the only college in
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Why is Enrollment Falling at Some Community Colleges?
Explore a trend seen this year, where enrollment rates are stabilizing or even falling at many community colleges around the country.
Business has been booming at community colleges across the country in recent years, as a slow economy has sent many displaced workers and high school graduates in search of affordable higher education to their campuses. However, that trend appears to be slowing – at least for some areas of the nation – this year, as many community colleges are seeing slower growth rates and even a reversal in enrollment numbers. Why the change? While no one seems to know exactly why fewer students are now enrolling in community colleges, there are some theories circulating about the lower enrollment figures.

Michigan and California Community Colleges Facing Declining Enrollment

Michigan is just one of the Midwestern states that is seeing some of the most dramatic drops in community college enrollment this year. According to a report a CTI Career Search, schools in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Valley are both facing smaller student bodies this year than last, with an approximate five-percent drop in enrollment numbers. More of the schools in the state are expecting similar declines.

“We’re hearing from at least a quarter of the schools, maybe as many as a third,” Michael Hansen, president of the Michigan Community College Association was quoted as saying at CTI Career Search. “There are a number of reasons. But when you consider that the colleges have seen record enrollment for the past five years or so, the number of people attending is still a very
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Community College at the Local Mall? Some Schools Say Cha-Ching
Community colleges across the country that are adding classrooms in local malls. Learn about how the practice is advantageous to both the schools and struggling shopping centers.
Heading to class and heading to the mall may sound like two very different adventures, but a few community colleges across the country are merging the two into a single trek that is advantageous to everyone involved. Mall space is often an economical alternative for community college expansion, providing necessary space in a convenient location for students. We have a number of community colleges nationwide that are taking classes to the mall during upcoming school years.
Renovation Plans Send Displaced Students into Retail Space

Austin Community College in Texas has big plans for its students over the next few years, as the campus plans for major expansion in hopes of meeting future enrollment projections. However, as the campus undergoes the upheaval typical of construction projects, many feared that a student cutback would be necessary until the expansion was complete. Fortunately for Austin, that problem was easily solved by purchasing “swing space” at a nearby mall.

According to a report at Community Impact Newspaper, the college plans to buy former Dillard’s and Macy’s buildings at the Highland Mall until the campus expansion plan is complete. The renovations of the mall property will be funded by bonds from a 2013 or 2014 election and will provide additional space to Austin Community College for the next 12 years.
This is not the only mall purchase the college has made recently. According to a report at the Austinist, the college also purchased 173 acres, including the former J.C. Penney building, for $15.7
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Jobs for the Future Announces New Initiative to Transform Adult Education
Learn about the latest initiative from Jobs for the Future, Accelerating Opportunity, a Breaking Through Initiative, which is designed to ensure more workers in this country have the skills they need to land good jobs. It is a four-year, multi-state initiative that promises to change the way community colleges look at adult education.
Millions of adults in this country do not have the training and education necessary to land good jobs with sufficient pay to support their families. At the same time, businesses are unable to find the skilled workers they need to fill their positions and improve their productivity. To provide a solution to both of these national economic issues, Jobs for the Future (JFF) has announced the launch of their latest program, Accelerating Opportunity: A Breaking Through Initiative, which will provide resources to community colleges nationwide to transform the current adult education system. The changes implemented by this initiative will ensure more adults get the necessary training to move into high-paying jobs and provide the skilled workforce companies need to compete in the global marketplace.

In Want of a Workforce

According to a report at CBS Atlanta, over 26 million adults in this country lack a high school diploma today. A small portion of this number enroll in adult education classes, hoping to get the education necessary to move ahead in today’s workforce. Unfortunately, many of the students that enroll in adult education programs drop out after just a semester or two, without getting their postsecondary credentials to get the better jobs they were originally hoping for. Accelerating Opportunity is designed to change the scenario by reinventing the way adult education is delivered and providing the necessary support to help students succeed.
“The number of adults without skills and credentials beyond high school is a national crisis threatening
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