Happier Families Start at Community College Parenting Courses

 Happier Families Start at Community College Parenting Courses
Your local community college is an excellent resource for free parenting classes. Take advantage of the learning opportunities and give your baby the best start in life.
Although most parents wish for manuals, young infants and children simply do not come with instruction manuals. Fortunately, community colleges across the country offer excellent parenting classes to help parents stimulate a child's development and behavioral growth.
As all child development experts will support, the role of a parent in a child's earliest and most formative years is absolutely imperative; pro-actively seeking the best philosophies and strategies for optimal child rearing can help both parents and children experience greater feelings of satisfaction and care.

To find out how your local community college parenting classes can help you and your family, consider some of the most popular and widely available opportunities at campuses nationwide.

Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJCC), California Campuses

As the San Diego News Network reports, Mt. San Jacinto Community College has gained a great deal of positive attention for its innovative parenting classes. Through cooperating Mt. San Jacinto-area campuses, participants enjoy completely free classes and resources for improved parent-child relationships and child development. Throughout the six week course, participants will engage in sessions focusing on issues such as "From Power Struggles to Encouragement," "Challenges in Discipline," as well as other topics of exploration.
Led by parenting expert and author, Sandi Schwartz provides parents with information based on her research and four decades of experience. Schwartz believes that actively seeking solutions to parent-child issues early in the relationship is imperative, as effectively communicating and bonding with one's child within the first five years of life can result in positive effects that last the child's full lifetime.
Specifically, Schwartz asserts, "There is a direct correlation between the atmosphere at home and how children grow up to perform in school and in life. (The) class is about moving parents away from the old paradigm of discipline." Typically, while Schwarz's parenting classes generally focus on children ranging from ages 1 to 5, over 90 percent of the strategies that are taught can be adapted for older children as well. In fact, many participants in these innovative parenting classes return to refresh their memories, with grandparents, childcare associates, and spouses in tow.
South Seattle Community College (SSCC), Seattle, Washington

Offering instruction for both parents and young children, the South Seattle Community College program provides a positive learning environment for various family needs and demands. Based out of SSCC's Child Care Center, established in 1976, this institution is supported by a staff of experts who are trained and certified with early childhood development backgrounds. Here, interested families can take advantage of educational resources such as:
  • Stimulating preschool classes for young children
  • Parent education courses (course topics may vary)
  • Friendship for parents
Bellevue College, Bellevue, Washington

According to leaders of child and parent courses at Bellevue College, establishing a positive relationship with one's child is often a parent's greatest accomplishment. In fact, as the director of Bellevue College's Parent Education Program asserts, "The first few years of life lay the foundation for just about everything in a person's life, from academic ability, to creativity, to physical skills and sociability." To foster and advance these skills, Bellevue College provides families with parenting courses that incorporate strategies including:
  • Learning opportunities for both children and parents
  • Active learning experiences
  • Training / parenting techniques to improve the parent-child relationship
  • Fun and playful atmosphere for parents and children to learn together
With several course options for distinct age-based needs, parents can take advantage of courses that focus on issues of infancy ranging through a child who is 7 years old. In each class, parents are taught how to help guide their child towards enhancements and growth in core areas such as:
  • Creativity
  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Science
  • Physical Ability
  • Social Skills
Although children do not arrive with an instruction manual, local community colleges are excellent resources for parents. Contact your local community college campus today to take advantage of free parenting courses that will give your child the best start in life!
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