Fine Tune Your Vocals through Community College Singing Classes

Fine Tune Your Vocals through Community College Singing Classes
Those with the gift of song can take their singing to the next level with classes at community college. Learn about the courses offered at community college that can help prepare you for a singing career.

Is your voice an instrument? Whether you are interested in singing professionally or for pleasure, your local community college may be the perfect venue for fine-tuning your vocal skills. While many community colleges provide students with music classes, some campuses have added depth to their curriculum by offering classes that specifically focus on the art of singing. Consider adding a singing course as an elective or even declaring singing as your major, which could help you ultimately earn an associate’s degree in applied arts or sciences.

The benefits of singing in a choral ensemble

Singing in a choral ensemble or pursuing solo singing can be immensely rewarding experiences for individuals looking to develop their vocal skills and explore their passion for music. Participating in a choral ensemble offers numerous benefits, including learning from experienced instructors, developing harmonizing skills, and cultivating teamwork and collaboration. Singing in a group setting also allows individuals to improve their vocal technique, breath control, and pitch accuracy while fostering a deep sense of community and camaraderie with fellow singers. On the other hand, solo singing provides a platform for individuals to showcase their unique vocal abilities and express their individuality. It encourages personal growth, self-confidence, and artistic exploration.

This video offers a look at Shoreline Community College's Vocal Ensemble.

In today's digital age, promoting oneself as a singer through various social media platforms, such as TikTok, has become increasingly important. By leveraging social media, aspiring singers can reach wider audiences, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain exposure within the music community. It provides a valuable avenue for sharing performances, receiving feedback, and building a supportive network of followers. Whether participating in a choral ensemble or pursuing solo singing, the benefits extend beyond just honing vocal skills, offering personal growth, community engagement, and the potential for self-promotion on platforms like TikTok.

Pursuing a Choral Career in Community College

Certain community college campuses are conducive to helping you pursue a lifelong career in singing. For example, Edmunds Community College, located in Lynwood, Washington, provides musical opportunities that can prepare you for a career in song. In addition to classes focusing on the foundations of music theory and instrumental performances, the vocally inclined can further fine-tune their singing skills by enrolling in one of three voice courses.

The first singing course at ECC is designed to guide students through intermediate singing and voice control concepts. Focus areas include “breath control, tone quality, diction, range, and stage deportment.” Upon completing this first course, students can move to the second voice class, where they learn to continually perfect their singing skills through individualized and group instruction.

This video presents the Edmunds Community College Student Showcase.

As students continue to advance their skills, interested individuals can explore various mediums of music and singing, as offered in ECC’s “Soundsation” class. In “Soundsation,” students engage in an advanced and focused study of various elements of jazz. Specifically, participants learn how to differ their styles, improvise their contributions, and vary their vocal techniques. Instructors also teach students how to properly sing with microphones to prepare students for performances. Best of all, participants in the course demonstrate their talents in performances throughout the course.

ECC’s jazz choir and symphonic choir classes also allow students to take advantage of the stage, as the courses teach students how to “Perform traditional choral literature and major works with orchestra accompaniment.”

College students in Norfolk, Nebraska, can similarly enroll in unique singing and music courses by attending classes at Northeast Community College’s main campus. At NCC, interested students can partake in College Chorus, Swing Choir, as well as Vocal Ensemble.

College Chorus, which focuses on traditional and modern music selections, allows students to experience studio recording sessions and on and off-campus performances. Swing Choir extends the practices of the College Chorus, while Vocal Ensemble provides students with the advanced freedom to choose their musical selections according to their strengths and interests. As is required in the fundamental College Choir class, both Swing Choir and Vocal Ensemble students will perform at venues both on and off campus; additionally, Swing and Vocal classes will also be able to tour various areas and locations with scheduled performances.

Singing on the Side

While schools such as ECC and NCC allow musically-focused students to fully pursue a singing career, some college students can improve their singing abilities simply for their personal pleasure – while earning elective credit!

Nearly all community colleges have courses that can help participants foster their singing hobbies. For example, Hagerstown Community College, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, offers a singing course in the summer semester that enhances rhythm, pitch, and technique.

Whether you are interested in singing in the shower or in the choir, your local community college is an excellent place to perfect your song!

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