How to Earn Extra Discounts As a Community College Student

How to Earn Extra Discounts As a Community College Student
Are you taking full advantage of your status as a student? Learn where you can show your student ID to take advantage of discounts that add up to hundreds, if not thousands, annually in savings.

Every college student is familiar with the challenges of managing finances amidst the pressures of tuition and book costs. Burdened with tests and assignments, many community college students have little time to earn supplementary income while enrolled in courses as a full-time students.

Fortunately, that seemingly simple college ID in one's wallet can help students save hundreds of dollars each year! With nearly endless discounts explicitly offered for college students, showing your community college ID can help immediately increase the amount of cash in your wallet.

Technology on the Cheap

If you're in the market for a new laptop, cell phone, or other form of technology, it will benefit you financially to shop with companies that cater to students' needs. Many companies that offer technological products strive to attract buyers by offering college discounts.

For example, Apple Computers offers college students, instructors, administrators, and staff members "Apple Education Pricing" on select products. Simply by being a community college student, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your next computer. In addition, Apple offers occasional promotions specifically for students. For example, when an eligible student purchases a computer, they may be able to receive another free Apple product.

Other technology-based companies that offer various student discounts include Dell Computers.

This video describes Apple's Back To School program.

Almost Free Entertainment

Before paying for the rising cost of a movie ticket, always remember to show your student ID. Movie theaters often offer significant savings for students, with some theaters reducing ticket prices by 25 percent or more.

Additionally, students enjoy discounts at local restaurants, especially those near their campus. Restaurants and entertainment locations near a college campus typically offer 10% student discounts or a special incentive for visiting the establishment on a specific day of the week.

Most public cultural centers in your city will offer student discounts. When you visit a museum, botanical garden, or historical society, ask about student discounts. Performing arts theaters and orchestras usually offer student discounts as well. More often than not, you can enjoy savings that will leave more money in your wallet.

Sports fans should take advantage of student discounts at local sporting events. Most professional sporting teams offer student discounts, although you must inquire about applicable dates. You often need to purchase discounted tickets in advance, but the effort is worth the savings.

This video outlines ten things college students get for free.

Health, Beauty, and Fitness for Every Budget

Students can also maintain their health and appearance while cutting down on costs as well. For example, Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC), located in Covington, has secured many student discounts. Specifically, students who want to improve their physiques can take advantage of student discounts by visiting cooperating facilities such as:

  • Absolute Jiu-Jitsu
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Curves

Furthermore, students hoping to maintain their trendy haircuts and colors while enrolled in classes can visit one of many participating salons, each with its student promotion package.

Rent and Transportation on a Dime

Believe it or not, simply showing your college ID to your landlord can save you hundreds of dollars! For example, as the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce posts, local community college students can take advantage of hundreds of discounts; most notably, students can save on housing costs. For example, the local Brittingham Square Apartments waives the mandatory $200 community fee with proof of student status. Similarly, Salisbury Housing offers $100 off a college student's first month's rent, while individuals residing at University Park Student Apartments can have their application fees waived for free!

Adding to the necessities of rent, you can save significant dollars when pursuing a lease or purchasing a car. Virginia Highlands Community College further reveals that the local Aaron Sales & Lease Company offers an entirely free month when you sign an auto lease agreement. If you're not in the market for leasing or buying a vehicle, your closest transit system (such as the bus system, subway, train, etc.) may offer students free or reduced rates.

While promotions for various retailers and companies vary depending upon the city, students can often take advantage of savings that add up to hundreds, if not thousands, annually.

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