Impress the Best with Business Etiquette

Impress the Best with Business Etiquette
Discover the key to success in the business world with our comprehensive guide on learning business etiquette at community college. Master the art of professional behavior, networking, and workplace etiquette to enhance your career prospects. Uncover the essential tips and tricks to navigate social interactions, build lasting connections, and make a memorable impression. Equip yourself with the necessary skills for success in today's competitive job market.

Today’s competitive job environment dictates that professionals understand and apply business etiquette guidelines. Business etiquette involves a variety of topics, such as how to engage in professional business conversations, create strong business relationships, and host/attend a formal business dining event.

Whether community colleges provide students with formal classroom instruction or if community colleges offer smaller-scale workshops on business etiquette, nearly all students can utilize the resources from these venues to improve their overall business conduct and effectiveness. Business etiquette courses at your local community college can be an incredibly valuable asset to your future career.

What is Business Etiquette?

Business etiquette is the accepted conduct one must acknowledge when striving to create strong business networks and relationships. As The Warren Reporter explains in “Warren Community College Offers Course in Business Etiquette,” adhering to the proper business etiquette guidelines can provide individuals with an incredible competitive edge. Specifically, if students or recent community college graduates are seeking out employment while applying for jobs, The Warren Reporter asserts, “It's essential to say the right things and act appropriately in these situations… It's crucial that you make the right impression to both your employer and your clients in order to keep it.” As the job market is becoming increasingly competitive in tough economic times, most experts assert that these professional business-related skills are becoming an increasingly important priority when employers are choosing potential candidates for a job opening.

Oftentimes, as The Warren Reporter further explains, these “extra” skills, especially in reference to business etiquette, are often known as “soft skills.” Professional experts argue that these proficiencies can set a candidate/employee apart from his or her less experienced peers/co-workers. “Soft skills” also refer to knowledge relating to emotional intelligence, business intelligence, and personal communication skills – all of which are emphasized and valued by many employers.

Business Etiquette and Community College Programs

While each community college campus provides students with unique programs and venues, students can find out more about local business etiquette courses by meeting with their advisor or campus coordinator. If one’s community college does not offer a formal etiquette course, find out if the college provides interested individuals with a weekend seminar or weekday program.

Warren Community College

Offering students a formal course in business etiquette and conduct, Warren Community College (WCC), located in Washington, New Jersey, strives to teach students the knowledge and skills to compete in the business world. The business etiquette course is specifically designed to help students gain an upper hand in the competitive job market, and students interested in learning the unique “soft skills” of business relationships and conduct can simply pay a small fee to enroll. With the course cost of only $219, WCC students are provided with a full 2-day workshop that highlights the most important and widely used conduct guidelines in the professional world.

Best of all, at the end of the 2-day workshop, WCC students attending the class will even be provided with a formal dinner. At this dinner, students will be able to practice all of their dining, conversation, conduct, and mannerism methods instructed by the WCC business etiquette experts. Additionally, if students are unable to attend or are in need of additional job skill services, students can even contact campus support mentors to help enhance their employee/business techniques to boost their appeal to potential employers.

Nash Community College

In addition to WCC’s extensive program, Nash Community College, located in Rainsville, Alabama, also emphasizes the importance of learning imperative business etiquette techniques. While Nash, similar to WCC, provides students with a comprehensive overview of business conduct and etiquette, Nash also specifically focuses on the best conduct methods for interviews.

Hosting the “Business Etiquette and Interviewing Lunch and Learn” series are Nash’s Business and Industry Center, the Student Services Center, and the Small Business Center, which have collaborated to provide attendees with a quick two-hour seminar that gives only the most imperative tips and expert advice. There is a focus on interviewing, as this is one of the best ways to show off one’s knowledge and “soft skills.” Nash’s business etiquette tips can help applicants set themselves apart from their competitors. Best of all, this workshop is free to those who sign up before the event!

In a competitive job market, having soft skills obtained through business etiquette courses at your local community college can set you apart from the hundreds of other candidates vying for the same job.

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