What is a community college and why are more students turning to them? Who are some of the most famous community college graduates? Here you’ll find the answers to these questions and more.

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7 Top Community College Myths

7 Top Community College Myths
Learn the top 7 myths about community colleges.
More than 40% of the nation’s college-aged students begin their academic careers at community college, according to the US Department of Education. Despite their abilities to provide students with a stellar education, community colleges are surrounded by outdated, inaccurate myths. Although there are some elements of truth, there are many misperceptions, which may play a large role in the right choice you make for your college education.  
Empower yourself with knowledge of the truth, as the top seven community college myths are hereby exposed! 
MYTH #1: Students attend community college because they did not get accepted to four-year universities. 
THE REALITY: When reviewing statistics of transfer admissions, it is clear that universities see the academic strength in transfer students For example, 33% of all applicants from California community colleges are accepted into UC Berkeley, which is significantly higher than the 26% of California high school students who applied. Or, for the University of Virginia, over 60% of transfer applications from Piedmont Virginia Community College were accepted, which is a greater ratio than the 50% of students who are accepted as freshmen from in-state high schools.
With the increasing economic burdens felt on individuals and families, many students are making the financially-savvy choice of attending community college. The continuously rising costs of university tuition can present a large burden for many families, and by attending a community college, students can save on tuition and living costs.  
In addition, whereas many students can gain admissions into four-year universities prior to their enrollment in community college, they can also take
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