10 Online Resources to Help Community College Students Succeed

10 Online Resources to Help Community College Students Succeed
We’ll explore the many online resources available for community college students, offering everything from time management strategies to online tutoring in specific subjects.

Community college can be a busy time for students, whether they are adults juggling work and family responsibilities, or recent high school graduates adjusting to the next phase of their academic careers. The good news is there are many resources available to help community college students succeed, and many are as close as their laptops. Take a peek at 10 valuable online resources that community college students can use to their benefit.

Equipping Students for Online Adventures

Before you can take full advantage of all the wonderful online services available to community college students today, you need to be sure your computer is up to the task. There is even online services for this purpose, helping students outfit their PCs and laptops with all the hardware and software necessary to connect with their schools. For example, Richland Community College in Illinois offers remote tools to help students with both Windows and Mac systems get connected.

This video explains how to take online courses at community college.

Obtaining and Using Administrative Information

Navigating the administrative maze of higher education has become significantly easier with online tools to guide the way. At Edmunds Community College in Washington, students can use their computers to do everything from registering for classes to ordering transcripts. In addition, the school’s website offers students the opportunity to check out the school calendar, upcoming school events and the latest from the athletics department.

Getting a Jump on Textbook Tutoring

Shopping for textbooks has always been a somewhat stressful and expensive event for college students, but not any longer. Thanks to the online ordering from Edmunds Community College, students can shop for the books they need from any location with Internet access. The website offers plenty of options for students on any budget – from brand new textbooks, to used options, rentals and online varieties.

Enlisting in Online Tutoring

Struggling in one of your classes? Try online tutoring on for size. Programs like the one offered by Florida's Brevard Community College allows students to log in and connect with a tutor in the subject they need. Tutors at Brevard are available online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This ensures students can get the help they need, no matter what their schedule and location might be.

This video explains how online tutoring for English works.

Learning Responsible Money Management

Balancing the budget can be one of the toughest jobs for a cash-strapped community college student. Fortunately, online help is available in this area as well. The College Foundation of North Carolina offers assistance in money management right on their website, helping college students manage their funds prudently throughout those lean years of higher education. The tool for advanced money management was designed specifically with community college students in mind, to ensure their financial success throughout their academic career.

Grabbing a Few Schedule Tips

Some colleges, like the Community College of Aurora, offer additional online support for students on a wide range of topics. For example, the school’s website provides information on student success that can be accessed and downloaded to help students make it through the college experience. One of the most challenging aspects of college life, time management, is covered in detail in some of the pages provided on the school’s website.

This video explains how to manage your time in community college.

Looking for Math Assistance

Math can be one of the most challenging subjects for some community college students, but online help is available in this area as well. Whatcom Community College offers an online math center for students that includes resources, calculators and other types of learning assistance. The math center even includes a math club and league contest to challenge those who excel in the numbers game.

Taking Advantage of Online Writing Help

Students who could use a boost in their writing skills will find what they are looking for with Purdue University’s online writing lab, known as OWL. This service is free and provides a wealth of information to help students write the perfect essay or research paper. Topics of interest include grammar, mechanics and research. Style guides, including the AP and MLA are also provided.

Heeding Note Taking Advice

Scoring high on college exams begins with taking the right notes in class. To help students in this area, Community College of Aurora in Colorado features a number of pages dealing specifically with note taking. The pages cover the subject from the very beginning, offering advice on where to sit in the classroom to take notes, and which colors of pens to have. The material then goes into the best methods for reviewing and editing notes, using charts and graphs to clarify information and note taking in textbooks. This community college is preparing students to be active, engaged participants in the classroom.

Becoming a Better Test Taker

Once you have the art of note taking in your grasp, the next step to a higher GPA becomes your actual performance on examinations. To this end, Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania is rising to the occasion once again, with tips to help students become expert test takers. Beginning with strategies to overcome test anxiety and moving into specific skills like how to study and memorize facts, this website has you covered. The pages even offer tips for specific types of examinations, from oral tests to multiple choice exams.

College can be an overwhelming transition for some students, but the good news is getting the help you need at community college is easier than it has ever been before. With a wealth of online tools and resources to lead the way, success at your local community college is now just a click away.

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