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Whether you have just enrolled in community college or you’re ready to graduate and enter the job market, our articles can help improve your opportunities of landing the perfect job. Internships and apprenticeships offer lots of benefits, find out how participation in these programs can move your resume to the top of the pile. Analyze employment data for community college graduates and determine who is getting hired. Get valuable tips on polishing your candidacy and making the most of job fairs.
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Polish Your Job Candidacy with an Ethics Business Course
Learn about business ethics courses offered at community colleges and how the curriculum can enhance your job candidacy and resume.
With the scandals of Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom in the not-too-distant past, today's corporate world demands a mixture of business acumen and ethics. To combat corruption, many employers are specifically looking to hire candidates that have business ethics qualifications. If you are looking for ways to enhance your resume and candidacy, consider enrolling in an ethics business class at your community college.
What are Ethics Business Courses?
Courses in business ethics are relatively new options, but they are certainly growing in relevance. As the Business Network explains, "Business ethics consists of a set of moral principles and values that govern the behavior of the organization with respect to what is right and what is wrong."
Specifically, business ethics courses outline the moral philosophies and obligations of any company. Business ethics classes often explore topics such as:
  • Evaluation of prohibited actions in the workplace
  • Legal frameworks on which an organization may be governed
  • Evaluation of the most common pillars of ethics. For example, evaluation of ethical philosophies such as deontologism, relativism, egoism, and utilitarianism (although these pillars of focus may vary for each course)
  • Examination of ethical violations in various business organizations (often based on hypothetical cases, historical occurrences, etc.)
Benefits of a Ethics Business Course
While many community colleges offer business ethics courses, North Seattle Community College (NSCC), located in Washington, has been pioneering its curriculum with practical, hands-on applications of business ethics.
NSCC has developed an innovative ethics course that is designed to "Explore the fundamental questions of ethical and moral behavior by
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The Secrets to Success at Community College Job Fairs
Capitalize upon the secrets and strategies of enhancing your job prospects and career opportunities at a community college job fair.
Job and career fairs provide students with an array of convenient, useful, and potentially lucrative opportunities.  Considering that many community college students preparing for an upcoming graduation are uncertain as to how to apply for jobs, establish networks, and even simply get a single proverbial foot in the door, job fairs provide an excellent alternative to the traditional search.

Instead of the traditional approach, which mandates that students independently seek out jobs and send in resumes, a community college job fair brings the employers to the students.  Job fairs are essentially large congregations of employers who are seeking out new college graduates to become part of their staff.  Typically, job fairs allow students to meet leaders in their career field while allowing students to submit their resume to multiple employers at one big event.  In fact, some students attending job fairs are even hired for jobs on the spot! 

Community College Job Fair Tips

Nearly every community college provides its students with annual, biannual, or even monthly job fair events.  As Lenoir Community College, located in Kingston, North Carolina, asserts, these job fair events are intended to help all students.  “Anyone can use a job fair to make contacts, distribute resumes, and explore new avenues of employment.”  To take advantage of the many job fair benefits, be sure to prepare yourself with the key tips for job fair success. 

Prepare and Edit Your Resume
Before attending your job fair, be sure that your resume is easy to read and
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Benefits of Internships for Community College Students
Build your professional and academic career with internships. Learn how to find the right internships through your community college campus.
As the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, many community college students are taking advantage of internship opportunities before they receive their diplomas. Internships can provide students with a variety of benefits, many of which often help push a prospective job candidate’s resume to the top of the application stack.
Benefits of Internships
Learning More about Your Major
One of the foremost benefits of a community college internship is the experience allows students to receive hands-on interaction with work in their field of study. Added to this, for students who are unsure of their major, or uncertain of what their major may lead to careerwise, they can utilize internships to ensure that they are on the correct path of study. 
According to college advisors, the average student changes majors three times before finalizing their course of study. According to Dr. Fritz Grupe of My Majors, approximately 80% of high school students begin college without knowing what major they want to study.  
By working with different internships, you can hone your professional interest and find the appropriate major for you. 
This video reports on a student's internship with Facebook.
Build Your Resume
As a great number of candidates may be applying for a single position, community college interns are able to build up their resume with significant work experiences. In today’s competitive work environment, your resume is what sets you apart from other candidates. 
If you have a wealth of professional internships, this gives you a competitive edge against new graduates who may have only focused on their
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