Kick Your Dead End Job and Find New Opportunities with a Community College Degree

Kick Your Dead End Job and Find New Opportunities with a Community College Degree
For those who want to explore a career with growth potential, we introduce several high demand jobs that can be jump-started at community college.

Ready to kick your dead-end job in favor of more lucrative prospects? A community college degree might be just the ticket. Many of the jobs in the U.S. that were hot at the end of the 20th century are barely simmering today. Now might be the perfect time to make a career change with the help of the two-year school in your area. Check out these jobs gaining ground and alternatives that might put you back on a positive career track once again.

Desktop Publisher

This job was a hot one at the end of the last century, as many small business owners turned to pros to turn out their marketing material and newsletters. However, new and improved software has made the job significantly easier, which makes the job of the desktop publisher less cost-effective today. Some companies are also outsourcing this type of work to save a buck. According to Yahoo Finance, this field is expected to decline by more than 14 percent over the next decade, as businesses turn to other sources for their publishing needs.

Instead of stagnating in the fading world of desktop publishing, Yahoo Finance suggests an alternative career in drafting. Drafting takes you from published designs to manufacturing designs, creating technical drawings and plans for everything from the cardboard holder for your coffee cup to full-size building structures. Many community colleges across the country offer two-year degree programs to help you launch a new drafting career. Average annual pay for drafters is around $47,000 and job growth is expected to be around five percent for this industry over the next few years.

Personal Home Care Aid

According to a report at NBC News, home healthcare aids are some of the lowest paying positions across the country today. With an average hourly rate of around $9, the work can be both physically and emotionally demanding. While the rate of growth in this field is expected to be very positive over the next decade, many are finding that home healthcare is too challenging for the money it offers.

Instead of working as a home care aid, consider getting a community college degree in another area of healthcare that will offer a higher salary. According to Business Insider, the healthcare industry was expected to offer some of the highest wage growth last year. With the demand for qualified healthcare workers still high, many of those positions are still paying a very competitive salary. Consider a degree in nursing, physical therapy assistance or radiology to launch your brand new healthcare career.

Food Preparation and Service Employee

There may be plenty of positions available in this industry, but most barely make the minimum wage cut in terms of salary amounts. NBC News reports that food service workers make an average annual salary of around $18,000. The fourth largest occupation in the United States boasts long hours and hard physical work, in addition to some of the lowest pay.

If you love the food industry and want to find a way to make a decent living in this field, consider a two-year degree in culinary arts from your local community college. This degree program will teach you the ins and outs of the industry, from working as a top chef in a popular dining establishment to running your own restaurant business. Some schools also offer food and hospitality degrees, which allow you to expand your talents to resorts, hotels and cruise ships.

Door-to-Door Salesman

This has been a dying profession for many years, thanks to the rise of technology and the popularity of telemarketing. However, like the salesman out pounding his turf every day, telemarketing jobs can be filled with stress and low pay. The ability to outsource these professions has also made good-paying jobs here in the U.S. much harder to come by.

Ditch your travel pack or headset for a two-year degree in marketing that can launch your new career as a marketing specialist. By making full use of the technology at your fingertips, you can help small business owners find their own branding and marketing plans to build their customer base. According to AOL, the average annual salary for a marketing specialist is $52,000. Jobs are expected to grow in this field at a rate of around 28 percent over the next 10 years.

Printing Press Technician

Another profession that was once in high demand has lost out to the rise of technology and automation. As print media is replaced by digital publications, the job of a printing press operator has died along with the morning paper. Yahoo Finance states this job is expected to see a decline of more than 15 percent over the next 10 years.

If the idea of producing a finished product still gets you going, consider switching your field to another type of machining. Community colleges nationwide offer associate degree programs in precision and computer-integrated machining that will open the door to many positions. Many colleges even work with local employers to provide on-the-job training and employment opportunities after graduation.

The 21st-century marketplace is evolving, which has presented some challenges for those who were already comfortable in the in-demand industries of the previous era. For some, the changes have brought lower wages; while others have seen their current positions disappear altogether. The good news is that with the right training at your local community college, you can prepare for a lucrative and rewarding new career in two years or less.

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