More Degree Programs Coming to a Community College Near You

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More Degree Programs Coming to a Community College Near You
Ever evolving, community college programs constantly change to meet the current job market. Learn about some of the newest degree programs that are preparing students for lucrative jobs after graduation.
Community colleges have historically offered a wide range of degree programs to help individuals get the training they need to move quickly into the career of their choice. To keep up with the recent surge in community college enrollment that has occurred during the current economic slowdown, many community colleges are ramping up all new degree programs to broaden their offerings even further. Some of the new programs are provided in partnership with local four-year universities, while others are geared toward up and coming industries where employment opportunities show great promise. We’ll take a look at a few of the colleges across the nation that are working to give students an eclectic selection of degree programs.

Ivy Tech Expanding Programs

Ivy Tech is one of the colleges planning to offer a wider choice in degree programs for the next academic year. According to a report in the Indiana Economic Digest, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education recently approved new certificate and degree programs for a number of the Ivy Tech campuses in the state. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning degree program will be expanding to include certification, as well as an associate’s degree. The associate degree program in dental hygiene will also enlarge to incorporate a technical certificate in dental assisting.

Ivy Tech will also be adding an associate of science program for those interested in entering the field of engineering. The pre-engineering degree will prepare students for entry-level work in their industry or transfer their credits to a four-year engineering program at a nearby university. The school will also offer an engineering technology degree program that will teach students the basics of design and implementation within the engineering process. All of these new degree programs will be provided at different Ivy Tech campuses, allowing students in all areas of Indiana to find degree programs close to home.
Muskegon Community College Partners with Grand Valley State University
In Michigan, schools are teaming up to provide students with even greater opportunities, even if they are not sure what major to choose when they enter the world of post-secondary education. Muskegon Community College is working with Grand Valley State University to offer university students the chance to earn a liberal arts degree through the all new Muskegon Leadership Program. All of the classes will be taught right on the Muskegon Community College campus, although the degree will be earned through Grand Valley. The degree program will be a broad, all-encompassing field of study with an emphasis in leadership that can prepare students for a wide range of possibilities after graduation.
The degree program is specifically catering to the residents of the Muskegon area, with all classes offered right on the community college campus, according to the Grand Valley State University website. The reason for this localization is the fact that Muskegon has a much smaller number of residents with a bachelor’s degree than other areas of the state. The liberal arts program is designed to encourage students to get their higher education, even if they have dropped out of college in the past or have no idea what they want to major in at the time of enrollment.
Another Partnership in New York
Schools in New York are following suit, with a partnership between Keuka College and Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). Keuka has been offering an Accelerated Studies for Adults Program at the Tompkins Corland campus, but now plans to expand that program to include a Bachelor of Science degree in social work. The degree program is designed for students who are already working in the human services field and have a minimum of an associate degree in a related degree program.
John Connors, provost and vice president of Tompkins Cortland, said on the , “The establishment of the bachelor’s in social work program on the TC3 campus continues the college’s efforts to increase educational options for the communities we serve.”
Two New Degree Programs at Thomas Nelson Community College
The Thomas Nelson Community College website has also announced two new degree programs at this Virginia school. The Associate in Science in Information Technology incorporates major fields of study like computer science, business and information technology and prepares students for transfer to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree once the two-year degree program is completed. The Associate in Applied Science in Human Services prepares students for entry-level positions as case workers, home-based health care assistant and advocate. Students can also opt to head to a four-year university for more education before entering the workforce.
Green Technology Coming to Owens Community College
A report at WTGV announces the arrival of green technology to Owens Community College, with a new alternative energy and sustainable systems technology associate degree program. The new program will be offered beginning this fall at two of Owens’ campuses; Toledo and Findlay. The program just received formal approval from the Ohio Board of Regents.
Randy Wharton, Chair of Design Technologies and Co-Interim Dean of the School of Technology told WTGV, “Green technology is becoming more and more important in our energy driven society. As the demand for existing and emerging technologies within renewable and alternative energy grows, the need for highly qualified technicians is a necessity.”
Degree programs are expanding at community colleges across the country, as this area of higher education is learning to adapt to the changing needs of a 21st century workforce. Now is the time to contact the community college in your area and find out what types of training is available.

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