Eco-Friendly Innovations From The Green California Community College Summit

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Eco-Friendly Innovations From The Green California Community College Summit
The Green California Community College Summit offered the latest developments in eco-friendly technology, jobs, and trends.
Held in Pasadena, the Green California Community College Summit exhibited some of the latest and greatest “go-green” technologies.  According to Greener Design, “California’s community colleges are home to some of nation’s most ambitious green building, renewable energy and green curriculum initiatives.” 
As one of the most admired states for its innovative eco-efforts, California is receiving incredible praise for their advancements, research, and incorporation of greener designs and utilities. 
In this video, Alan Glass, who directs sustainability programs for the Pittsburg Unified School District, speaks about the importance and value of the Expo at the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit.

What is the Green California Community College Summit?

As Green-Technology describes, the Green California Community College Summit (GCCCS) was designed to respond to key trends and issues arising in our global environment.  In an attempt to collaboratively address major issues, creators of the GCCCS created a forum to thoroughly analyze and respond to core issues such as:
  • Exploring how to save money by operating a green campus
  • Developing a greener curriculum
  • Implementing green opportunities for teaching and apprenticeships
  • Creating campuses as models for sustainable energy and conservation practices for the entire community
  • Providing students with opportunities and exposure to green employment options
Focusing on all aspects of the “go-green” market, GCCCS provided attendants with information on green building, energy efficiency, green facilities and operations, and other eco-friendly topics. 

Best of all, for individuals ready to embark upon a career in the green labor field, the Los Angeles Community College District hosted a “Green Jobs Fair” along with the events of the summit.  Considering that the state is hoping to stimulate its economy through green initiatives, California Community Colleges will play a large role in training students through green programs and filling new eco-jobs, as the system accounts for nearly 79% of the entire state’s higher education students. 
In this video, a school superintendent explains why attending the Green Summit is a must.

The Latest Breakthroughs from the Green California Community College Summit

As Greener Design articulates, “In tough economic times, innovative ideas and new solutions are needed to sustain the growth of the sustainability movement.”  During the 2009 summit, advisors, students, and respected members of the green community exhibited the “best practices and the diverse resources available to grow, or begin green programs.” 

Among many of the impressive displays were new technologies developed by the company Eco-Fiber Solutions.  Their innovative “corrugated box technology” is comprised of wax and a polystyrene replacement, creating a water-resistant box that is 100 percent recyclable.  Manufactured from a water-based combination of ingredients, these wax-based boxes proved to be a highly popular commodity, especially considering that today’s common chemically produced, non-recyclable waterproof boxes are growing in cost.  Best of all, the Eco-Fiber boxes can be manufactured for nearly the same cost as its environmentally unfriendly counterparts. 
The GCCCS also exhibited a $2.5 million hydrogen car!  Although certainly not practical for the average driver, attendees of the summit enjoyed a close and personal look at the incredibly high-tech, luxurious, and not to mention eco-efficient, vehicle.  Further, individuals were even able to test drive an energy efficient Segway. 
School campuses and individuals also took advantage of The Green Roof Directory, which offered information on effective alternatives for sustainable living materials.  These housing exhibits showcased greener walls, building materials, roofing materials, and other construction materials that can help contribute to a more sustainable community.
ECHS students, Ogechi Hubert and Kaira Castillo, talk about the importance of green schools.
Community colleges, especially in California, are paving the way in green innovation.  With summits like the Green California Community College Summit continuing each year, look for your local community college to begin showcasing the latest green innovations!
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