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Alaska (4 colleges) Alabama (45 colleges) Arkansas (28 colleges)
American Samoa (1 college) Arizona (49 colleges) California (233 colleges)
Colorado (40 colleges) Connecticut (22 colleges) Delaware (4 colleges)
Florida (117 colleges) Georgia (68 colleges) Hawaii (9 colleges)
Iowa (27 colleges) Idaho (7 colleges) Illinois (76 colleges)
Indiana (46 colleges) Kansas (37 colleges) Kentucky (39 colleges)
Louisiana (64 colleges) Massachusetts (31 colleges) Maryland (24 colleges)
Maine (12 colleges) Marshall Islands (1 college) Michigan (44 colleges)
Minnesota (62 colleges) Missouri (56 colleges) Mississippi (22 colleges)
Montana (7 colleges) North Carolina (74 colleges) North Dakota (6 colleges)
Nebraska (17 colleges) New Hampshire (9 colleges) New Jersey (26 colleges)
New Mexico (23 colleges) Nevada (13 colleges) New York (107 colleges)
Ohio (134 colleges) Oklahoma (31 colleges) Oregon (24 colleges)
Pennsylvania (127 colleges) Puerto Rico (13 colleges) Palau (1 college)
Rhode Island (3 colleges) South Carolina (34 colleges) South Dakota (7 colleges)
Tennessee (47 colleges) Texas (140 colleges) Utah (26 colleges)
Virginia (59 colleges) Vermont (6 colleges) Washington (43 colleges)
Wisconsin (32 colleges) West Virginia (25 colleges) Wyoming (9 colleges)
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Why Four Year Community College Degrees May Be Great for California
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