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There are lots of lucrative careers for community college graduates. Here we’ll cover the top career choices for two-year degree holders, six-figure jobs you can land with an associate’s degree, and how community college can take your career to the next level.
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7 Lucrative Jobs You Can Land with a Community College Degree
Wondering what career is right for you - and your bank account? Consider seven of the hottest jobs available today with just a two-year degree program.
The traditional school of thought has typically been the higher your degree, the more money you can expect to make. While that theory is still true to an extent, community college graduates who choose the right field of study can expect to make nearly as much as their co-workers with a four-year degree. Check out these seven lucrative positions you can land with just a two-year degree program under your belt.

Registered Nurse

Nursing is a career that is simply always in demand, so jobs will be available regardless of what the economy might decide to do. Many nurses today get their foot in the career door with an associate degree, and then work their way up the hierarchy through practical job experience or additional education. Those who complete their degree program will also need to take state examinations for licensure in order to work in their state of residence.

According to College Surfing, job growth for the nursing profession is expected to grow by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018. The average salary for registered nurses in 2009 was $63,750. In addition, nurses often enjoy added perks like robust benefit packages, flexible schedules and tuition assistance if they decide to pursue additional education for their career path.
Dental Hygienist
There are few jobs as wonderfully flexible as that of a dental hygienist. Work anywhere in the country – small towns and big cities – full time or part time, and make a good salary while doing so. Many dental hygienists jump start their career with a two-year degree
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Careers: Corrosion Technology
Train for a career in corrosion technology, a science-based job. Many community colleges offer programs. This varied field is a lucrative opportunity for qualified graduates.
Metal is a material that has been used for the construction of many of our buildings and much of our infrastructure today. As this substance corrodes over time, it creates serious safety, environmental and financial concerns across the globe. The industry of corrosion technology is a relatively new field committed to preserving construction projects of all kinds with corrosion prevention and repair. Now community colleges are coming onboard this exciting new field to train up a new generation of workers committed to preserving the hard work of generations past.
Seward County Community College

What is a Corrosion Technician?

According to the Kilgore College website, corrosion technicians work in both indoor and outdoor settings, installing, maintaining and inspecting properties of all kinds. Structures of concern for corrosion technicians might include massive underground pipelines, industrial equipment and storage tanks. The technician might also work in transportation, maintaining airplanes, boats and other vessels.

The corrosion technician must have a background in chemistry, metallurgy and electricity. These professionals may specialize in a particular area of corrosion technology, such as coating inspection or material selection, but others may work in a more generalized setting. According to a report at Pay Scale, the average salary for corrosion engineers ranges from just under $40,000 annually to more than $100,000, depending on the level of skill, training and experience. The field is a growing one, with an increasing demand for corrosion technicians as current infrastructure ages, and few workers trained and ready to fill the positions. Fortunately, more community

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High Paying Careers Without Four Year Degrees
Learn how community colleges and associate degrees can lead to high paying careers.
As the costs of all school programs are rising, community colleges are offering more affordable education plans that prepare young professionals for some of the top paying careers. As CNN comments on the top paying jobs, “though a college degree is not a requirement for these positions, all require moderate to extensive on-the-job training or apprenticeship. In addition, dental hygienists, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, and commercial pilots require an associate degree at a vocational or technical school.” 
Ultimately, as some of the top-paying careers only require a two- year degree, certification, or select courses, community colleges are offering financially affordable and rewarding pathways for future success.
Moving Towards a New Career Frontier
The correspondence between higher education and higher income is now becoming history; according to CNN, “Though it was once conventional wisdom that you needed to have a four-year college degree to be successful, many employment experts believe that maxim has become myth. While a college education increases a worker's chances of earning more money, it's certainly not the only reliable path to well-paid and rewarding work.” 
While most lucrative jobs require post-high school training, most of the top-paying careers do not require a four-year degree – and thus, community colleges really stand out against 4 year universities. In fact, “there are […] (approximately) 50 million jobs out there that don't require a bachelor's degree and pay upwards of $40,000 a year.” 
According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, eight of the top ten fastest growing careers do not require
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