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More than Mozart: Community College Music Programs
Learn about the new and dynamic music programs available at community colleges that explore more than just music theory.
While a wide array community colleges across the country offer traditional music programs in musical practice, theory, and study, many new community college programs are offering more unique and specialized musical education courses. Today, students can enroll in programs to study historically played instruments, or they can even enroll in courses that teach students how to become employed in the field of music management and production. 
Edmonds Community College offers a thorough and diverse array of music-oriented courses. Together, the Music Department of ECC established clear instruction goals, which include: “Giving students a solid foundation all facets of music, providing a range of performance and creative opportunities, offering diverse music theory and digital music courses, creating a dynamic, rich learning environment for students to pursue their passion for music and performing.” 
To guide students towards achieving and engaging in these goals, ECC provides a variety of performance opportunities and events. Most notably, ECC fosters positive programs for musical enrichment through organizations such as the symphonic choir, the jazz band and choir, and the jazz workshop. These groups, along with many others, serve to enhance student learning and performance experiences. 
Adding to these support systems, ECC’s Music Department also provides students with specialized acoustic fixtures in their music classrooms, various practice pianos and state of the art recording gear, in addition to ECC’s state of the art recording studio with a digital interface that students can interact with through hands-on opportunities. 
While many community college students
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Community College Air Force Programs
Learn more about the opportunities available through the Community College Air Force Program, and how the degrees may benefit your future service career.
For individuals seeking to pursue a career in the military or government service industry, there are incredibly noteworthy and rewarding programs available for students specifically focused on service in the United States Air Force. The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is dedicated to guiding students with engaging, rigorous, and advanced programs for various courses of study.
As Military Advantage describes, “The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a worldwide multi-campus community college established to meet the educational needs of Air Force enlisted personnel. CCAF is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges (SACSCC) as an occupational educational institution.” 
Also referred to as “Air University,” CCAF is a renowned school dedicated to providing students with a range of skills, experiences, and information for future careers and success. 
Community College of the Air Force Programs
Established in 1946, Air University has provided students with access to associates degrees and training in order to employ, command, and/or research tasks in the air, space, and cyberspace at various professional levels. Adding to this, as Air University explains, their curriculum includes training in management, technological development, and scientific understanding – giving students a very well rounded education for their future careers. 
What is the Purpose of the Community College of the Air Force?
According to Air University, “As an institution of higher learning, the Community College of the Air Force has a stake in the job knowledge and performance of every enlisted person in the Air Force.  The contributions made
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Theology Programs in Community College: Pursuing Studies in Religion
Learn how you can pursue your career in religion and service through theology programs available through your local community college.
Religion is a cornerstone in nearly every community, and as communities are expanding, individuals are being exposed to greater opportunities within the services of a church or spiritual organization. Today, many students are attending community college, studying in theological / religious programs to learn more about the history, traditions, beliefs, and careers in a particular religious realm. 
Religion and Careers 
The Expanding Opportunities
While many believe that religious careers are limited to taking on the large role of a pastor, preacher, or religious leader, the careers in religious service are becoming incredibly more vast and diverse.  In fact, while religious studies are offered at both community college and university institutions, Rutgers University specifically supports, “Religion graduates pursue careers in business, education, health professions, government, and the non-profit sector […] Future career options may be determined not so much by the choice of the religion major, but by interests, skills, values, and types of work experiences acquired during college.” 
Essentially, regardless of the intended career pathway, a student can gain a great deal of experience, insight, skills, and support through the study of religion in community college.  
Specific Career Pathways
While a degree in religious studies / theology from a community college can certainly open doors to a variety of career options, many students are seeking to study religion in order to find a career within a specific non-secular church or institution. If interested in this pathway, students can engage in community college theology courses in order to pursue
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Cosmetology Programs in Community Colleges
Learn about cosmetology programs in community colleges.
According to statistics from the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, the field of cosmetology contributed to over 825,000 jobs in 2006, and these job numbers continue to grow. In fact, this study concluded that the employment rate of cosmetologists will grow at a faster rate than all other occupations’ averages throughout the year 2016. 
As jobs in cosmetology are on the rise, community colleges are implementing more cosmetology programs to provide students with necessary skills, education, and background to succeed in the field.
What is a Cosmetologist’s Job Duties?
A cosmetologist is an individual who is certified to provide services to clients, which may include:
  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Coloring
  • Makeup Application
  • Nail Treatments / Manicures
  • Body / Skin Treatments
How Do I Become a Certified Cosmetologist?
In order to work as a cosmetologist, you must be state-licensed. To achieve this licensing, you typically must graduate from a state-licensed cosmetology program and pass an examination. Many community colleges across the country provide students with convenient and accredited programs to help students become licensed and certified practitioners. 
How Do I Take the Certification Test?
As the requirements and certifications for cosmetologists vary from state to state, community college advisors can help students prepare and find the appropriate resources for state testing. For example, as the Houston Community College Systems explain, “Students who successfully complete the entire curriculum, and have met the required clock hours are qualified to take the examination for licensing given by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.” After completing the examination, “those who are approved by the state
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Recession-Proof Careers for Community College Students
Learn about several careers for community college students that are likely to weather an economic downturn.
While many recent graduates may struggle to find sustainable work in amidst a declining economy, community college students are discovering new “recession-proof” career paths that are both reliable and lucrative, despite economic hardships. 
As Emily Gersema of The Arizona Republic argues, community colleges are becoming increasingly aware of job market demands, since “employers come to them to set up programs tailored to their staffing needs.” Careers in a variety of industries are proving to be strong and sustainable options for community college students after graduation.  
Health Care Careers
According to research supported by Kiplinger, a renounced financial and economic forecasting company, health care is one the top options for students looking for a sustainable educational path, or for recent graduates seeking employment: “Many of the nation's fastest-growing careers are in the healthcare industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” 
As the population age continues to rise, careers in health care should remain reliable and strong, as the demand is projected for years to come. Specific health care jobs for community college students include careers in the field of nursing, physical therapy, nursing home aid, physician assistant, and many more. 
And in specifically analyzing the rising demands, Gersema further explains, “Health-care needs…continue to rise. Clinics and dental offices are tapping programs such as the dental-hygienist program at Mesa Community College for workers.” Paired with this, for individuals who are fluent in global languages[C1], particularly Spanish, jobs are also on the rise. “Demand is increasing for health-care workers who speak Spanish and English.” To adjust to the job
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